Talking FreELY Tuesday

TFT: In the community

On Saturday some of the Talking FreELY team, spent the day on the charity stall at Ely Market having excellent conversations about mental health and spreading the word about our next event on the 3rd March.  We were supported by the fabulous team at Nationwide, who came armed with some useful information about staying safe online and coffee to keep us warm!

We had rock painting, sweets and most importantly, some excellent conversations about mental health. We were delighted that so many amazing people – 89 to be exact –  took the time to stop and talk about their own experiences of mental health.

Talking FreELY was started to create a community that talks openly about mental health, the good and the bad, without fear of discrimination or judgement. This year we plan to get out and about at local events so that we can have even more conversations with our community.

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem every year. Talking openly about mental health helps to break down the stigma associated with it. Many people report that the feeling of not being able to talk about their mental health, the feeling of isolation that it often leads to, can be worse than the condition itself.

Our next event is on the 3rd of March at Ely Cathedral Conference Centre, come along and join the growing number of people who are Talking FreELY about their mental health.

We’re looking for people to contribute to our #TalkingFreELYTuesday blog series by sharing their mental health stories. Please email if you would be happy to share your experience and help inspire others to step forward and seek the help they need.

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