Blog – Event Feedback!

As you’ll know, we had our first event on the 1st July at the Ely Cathedral Conference Centre.The feedback was amazing, so we wanted to share!

Thank you to everyone that came along and made our first event so special. There were more than 60 of you throughout the morning – That’s more than 60 people taking the brave step to start Talking FreELY about their experiences of mental health! We enjoyed meeting each one of you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and, in fact, we did ask that very question on our feedback form.

93% said that they enjoyed coming along. Not bad at all for our first event!

We also asked visitors to rate how well we did on certain things, for example ‘Did you learn some useful things about Mental Health and where to get help?’ We were delighted that the clear majority of visitors rated the event highly for this. After all, one of our aims is to encourage people to seek the help they need.

Here are some of the lovely things our visitors said:

‘Excellent stigma-busting event. Very well done, thank you Tony and all the volunteers. Inspirational speakers’

‘Great to have inspirational speakers with good insights of mental health illness and wellbeing’

‘Event was very well run. Offered great coping strategies. Mindfulness was very useful’

‘Listening was done well. Nothing like this in my area (Cambridge)’

‘I felt welcome and not judged, there was sympathy and cake, what more could I want! Seriously, it was great to feel normal and OK’

Talking about cake, that came up often in the feedback (It was good, even if we do say so ourselves!) We’ll take this opportunity to thank the Ely Clandestine Cake Club members for their excellent baking skills. We hope you’ll provide some delicious treats for our November event.

There were some excellent suggestions for improvements too, we really appreciate your honest and thoughtful comments. We’ll look at each suggestion carefully. One such suggestion was to have more posters about the timetable of talkers – we agree, we’ll have more next time. Another suggestion was to have a stall on Ely market for publicity and support group that runs outside of office hours. There were so many great ideas in fact, we can’t mention them all here.

Once again, we’d like to thank you. We hope to see you in November and in the meantime, keep Talking FreELY.

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