Blog: Our 1st Guest Speaker!

We are so excited to announce our first guest speaker at our pop up cafe! Naomi is a passionate speaker on Postnatal Depression and we couldn’t be happier to have her at our first ever event. Naomi will be speaking at 11:15 on th 1st July so do please come along and her talk about her experiences. In the meantime, here’s her biography:

Get Me Out The 4 Walls Norfolk was founded in 2015 by Norfolk mum Naomi Farrow. Following her own battle with Postnatal Depression following the birth of her twin daughters, Naomi was on a mission: To help support local mums who were suffering with the condition by getting them out of the house! The Facebook page “Get Me Out The 4 Walls Norfolk” was created to find mums who were struggling to get out of the house and encourage them to meet up for coffee, lunch and a chat. In 18 months the page has grown to over 3400 members all across the region with up to as many as 15 meets per week for women to escape their four walls. Since then, Naomi has worked tirelessly to promote the group and the cause. She has appeared in many of the regions newspapers, has become a bit of a regular guest on BBC Radio Norfolk and she has formed a valuable friendship with local MP Norman Lamb who has become a great supporter of her work and the charity.

Following the success of the meets group, she launched the PND specific support group on Facebook which has over 270 members, who meet once a month and have a weekly virtual PND Hour.

Naomi did not stop there, she has also presented a talk on Perinatal and Postnatal Depression at Kings College London to trainee midwives, set up a fundraising community café, and in May 2016 was invited to the House Of Lords to participate in a debate on the condition.

Due to all of her campaigning, the word is out and members are joining at rapid speed. Naomi has now appointed a total of 18 local “Ambassadors” all over Norfolk to host events on behalf of GMOTFW due to the large demand for events in different areas providing an escape and support.

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